Congratulations To Our STARS Excellence Award Recipients!

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*Recipients will be presented their awards at a special Costs of Care luncheon at the HVPA National Conference


Michelle Chen, MS4

University of California – San Diego (UCSD)

Nominated by Dr. Greg Seymann, STARS Faculty Mentor at UCSD who said this about Michelle: 

“Michelle helped to create a High Value Care elective based on the Dell Modules, and she served as the TA. In addition to helping interface with the SOM on the various logistical issues required to create an elective, she helped recruit her peers to join the class. The elective has sustained and grown from a small Zoom-based course with 8-12 students per year, to an in-person course which was oversubscribed at more than 30 students this past year. 

She created the STARS “Letter of Distinction” program, which is now endorsed and marketed by the parent organization. She spent a gap year completing a Value-Based Care fellowship at Dell; during that time she collaborated with the current UCSD STARS to create a Value Calculator and an accompanying case-based curriculum to help early career health sciences students estimate the costs involved in diagnosis and treatment. 

Michelle has remained engaged with the STARS contingent during the entirety of her SOM career and set the precedent for those who followed her to do the same. The longitudinal presence of multiple generations of STARS students has greatly enhanced our program’s ability to build meaningful change initiatives.”

Congratulations Michelle!


Audrey Shawley, MS4

University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans

Nominated by Dr. Kathy Jo Carstarphen, STARS Faculty Mentor at University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School who said this about Audrey: 

“Audrey has changed the face of medical student engagement in quality and value care at Ochsner Health. Her example encourages and engages her peers. The STARS fellowship and their upcoming case competition are common references amongst students of activities that they want to join and learn from.” 
Audrey invests in research projects that are meaningful to her; she has worked on several papers for a health care clinic that primarily focuses on high-risk populations. She has also worked with an OBGYN provider to illustrate the safety and efficacy of womens health procedures. 
Audrey is one of the most proactive students I have ever worked with. She is passionate about value-based healthcare. As a recipient of the STARS fellowship, she has created and presented a unique value-based care curriculum at Ochsner, organized a high-value and quality care case competition, integrated value and SDOH principles into the SOAP presentation format, and led journal clubs about cost-conscious medical practice. She has changed the culture of UQ-OCS and motivated her peers to think through their management plans in a structured way that will impact the clinical practices of all those around her.“

Congratulations Audrey!


Rahul Anand, MD, MBA, MS

STARS Faculty Mentor – Frank H. Netter MD SOM, Quinnipiac University

Nominated by the STARS 2023 cohort from Quinnipiac University who said this about Dr. Anand:
“Dr. Anand has been a wonderful STARS mentor and an avid champion for value-based care at our institution. From the start of the program, he has made himself available to STARS students and has been highly responsive to our ideas and initiatives. 


Dr. Anand trusted, advocated for, and encouraged us to pursue our value-based care interests. Dr. Anand advocated for two hours of dedicated classroom time for us to introduce our peers to value-based medicine through a student-led lecture and scenario-based workshop. Most importantly, he trusted us to design and present a session that would be meaningful and engaging to first-year medical students. As we prepared the lecture slides and case-based scenarios, he provided thoughtful guidance on curriculum development, classroom management strategies, and pedagogical theory that grounded our approach and set us up for success. 


In addition to this value-based session, Dr. Anand helped us coordinate and collaborate with other programs and institutions to develop new initiatives at our school. He joined calls with Mount Sinai’s STARS and helped us connect with leaders in the Healthcare Management and Organizational Leadership concentration at Quinnipiac to set up a student-led value-based medicine initiative to provide students with hands-on quality improvement experiences in value-based care. His support and encouragement have empowered us to actively engage with the mission of STARS.”

Congratulations Dr. Anand!


Shivani Jain, MS4

LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans



Nirja Shah, MS4

University of Florida


Greg Seymann, MD

STARS Faculty Mentor – UCSD